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The SOP System & Knowledge Centre

LUXE APP is a powerful Standard Operating Procedure ‘System’.  Digital Tasks, Checklists, Work Lists, Procedures & Calendar features provide the tools to create a seamless operation. The Luxe Knowledge Centre is an encyclopedia of reliable information from our global experts to ensure your crew have access to quality guidance for all the tasks they’re responsible for.  Owners benefit from superior service and financial savings via mitigation of unnecessary damage to their luxury surroundings.

Benefits to Heads of Department are wide reaching and include:

  • Rapid setup of SOPs
  • Significant reduction in time devoted to training new hires
  • Less admin & research time
  • Happier teams – crew feel empowered by access to the knowledge base
  • Automated record keeping

Vessel Management Software

Featuring Fully Digital Modern Interface, Checklist App & Automated Work Flow

Includes Task Creator, Day Log, Work Lists, Passage Plan, Position Reports, Pilot Card, Certificate Tracker, Equipment List, Planned Maintenance, Automated Critical Systems Report, Machinery Log & Trending Graph, Manuals, Inventory, Crew Details, Crew Certificates, Crew List, Passenger List, Emergency Contacts List, Digital In/Out Board. Visit our Total Superyacht website or request a free trial below. Luxe App integration available as an optional extra.

 Compliance Software

All the features of our Vessel Management Software plus our fully paperless ISM features. Includes ISM Worklists, Drill Matrix, Non-Conformities, Accidents & Incidents, Risk Assessments, Notices & Circulars, Nautical Publications List, Safety Meetings, Medical Reports, Declarations of Security, SMS Forms, DPA & TSA Comments, Duplicate Site on Shore Server, Sync between Yacht and Shore Servers. Slashes the administration time usually associated with Compliance and takes the stress out of  audit preparations. Visit our Total Superyacht website or request a free trial below.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Made Simple

Would you like to distribute your SMM to your entire fleet, see fleetwide analytics of the exceeded Hours of Rest or send and receive Notices and Circulars — all with the click of a button? Then our Fleet Management software is exactly what you need.

Total Superyacht will increase your bottom line, enable you to make better management decisions and allow you to manage more yachts with fewer resources.

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Billing & Marketing

For all Office, Billing and Marketing Enquiries.

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SOP System & Knowledge Center

SOP System and Reference Directory Enquiries.

Compliance & VMS Software

All Vessel Maintenance  & Compliance Software Enquiries.

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All Guest eFolder, Cruising Map and Itinerary Enquirers