The Crew Report – Making Waves

Developed by the trusted team at Superyacht Operating Systems with the support of veteran DPAs, Total Superyacht’s checklist app and compliance software is simple to use and slashes admin time for all departments. The benefits to the owner, management company, DPA, captain and crew are easy to see.

There has never been a more powerful piece of software that encompasses all aspects of regulatory compliance. Our unique digital workflow process eliminates the printing, scanning, attaching and emailing that

other so-called paperless systems require. All of the modules talk to each other, both within and between departments and with shore managers, removing the need to manually enter the same information in multiple locations.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: the crew work through checklists and assign failed items to task lists directly from the iPad. For example, if a stew discovers that the master cabin television is not working, they simply assign the repair directly to the engineer’s general task list and include a photo taken with the iPad if needed. Both heads of department will be notified and continually updated as the item progresses to completion. Similarly, failed ISM items are automatically added to the ISM task list as either a Non-Conformity or an Observation, which are processed using the built-in standard corrective action process. Failed items can also be added directly to the Safety Meeting Agenda by clicking a box.

Over 200 expert checklists are included with the software to get crew up and running fast. These thorough checklists and procedures can be edited to suit your individual yacht, or you can easily create customised checklists and procedures from scratch. The software is particularly powerful and time-saving for new builds as, in addition to SOPs, it includes comprehensive fit-out, stock and provisioning lists for a bare boat. Also included are Service Styles and Cultural and Religious Information from the PYA’s GUEST Program, which is a fantastic reference tool for charter yachts with guests from around the globe.

Using this software considerably reduces the time needed to train new crew, and the detailed checklists allow recently hired crew and dayworkers to complete tasks with minimal supervision. HODs can schedule tasks to be repeated at intervals or simply recall them as needed.

“I love the app because it allows me to be super detailed in my instructions without my team feeling micromanaged.”


Newly employed crew can submit all their personal, bank and medical details as well as their certificates by logging into their own profile before they even step on board. In addition, all crew certificate expiry dates are monitored, and email notifications are sent to the crewmember, captain and DPA 90 days prior to the expiry date. Vessel certificates and equipment warranties are also monitored, and email notifications are sent 90 days and 30 days prior to the renewal date so that the captain will never miss a certificate renewal date again.

“Overall we are very impressed with the software. It’s very user friendly and keeps things simple and straight forward.”


Owners gain from the consistency of service and have peace of mind that proprietary information for their vessel stays with the vessel even when crew change.

The ISM provider’s SMS easily plugs into the software, and all submitted forms are automatically analysed and graphed. If the yacht changes ISM providers, all historical records stay with the vessel and the new ISM provider’s SMS simply replaces the old one.

One of the most powerful aspects of the software is the dashboard that provides in- depth analysis of a single yacht or an entire fleet. With just three clicks, captains can easily analyse and display the submitted safety data for each month and year, learning everything from where the majority of non-conformities happen to what department exceeds their hours of rest most often. This enables captains to understand what is happening on their vessels like never before and thus better identify and manage problem areas.

ISM providers receive real-time visibility into on-board safety operations and are able to identify risks long before physical audits. Daily, monthly and annual dashboards offer detailed analysis of Non-Conformities, Accidents and Incidents, Hours of Rest and Crew Certificates. Fleets are tracked via AIS and satellite data, and DPAs are able to view in-depth analytics of their entire fleet at a glance.

In short, Total Superyacht is a state-of- the-art platform that benefits the owner, manager and crew and makes everyone’s job easier, removing the administrative burden of today’s paper-based operations for both vessel operators and shore managers. For the first time, when you think of ISM you’ll think: It’s Simple, Mate.