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29 May: Anchoring in France 2024

SOS have translated the new French anchoring regulations into English. Please download the PDF and use as needed. Safe Travels and please remember to protect the environment. French Anchoring Regulations…

01 Feb: Inventory – Ticking All the Boxes

The problem with inventories is that they’re only as good as the people maintaining them, and not everyone views inventory maintenance as important—and some simply don’t want to do the work. I think I only ever joined one yacht that had a complete and up-to-date inventory in my entire 20 years of crewing!

01 Dec: A Gift for the Galley

As the name suggests, the Luxe SOP System is ideal for managing the workflow of standard operating procedures so naturally when it came to the galley the first thing we thought of was hygiene checklists. This makes it perfect for the galley’s all-important hygiene checklists and we include SOPs for hot holding, cold holding, work surface sanitization, thermometer accuracy checks and sanitization, and general cleaning procedures throughout the galley and its storage areas.

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01 Nov: Professional Deck Operations

There are literally hundreds of products that should never be applied to certain surfaces because they cause irreversible damage on contact. The best place to gain this knowledge—both what to do and what not to do—is directly from the manufacturer of the products. (The second best is from world-class experts.)

01 Oct: Must-Have Manufacturer Knowledge

Our Luxe Knowledge Centre experts are the very best in their chosen fields, but their advice isn’t always applicable, since many manufacturers have their own unique finishing methods that require…

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