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Following the massive success of the Digital Reference Center (previously built in to the Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software), Superyacht Operating Systems has launched its latest product – the Luxe App.

The Luxe App is a Standard Operating Procedures System—a complete solution for creating, executing and monitoring SOPs. Within the app, crew have access to SOPs and Checklists and can schedule them to reoccur on the Calendar. Our Digital Task Lists are great for individual tasks. Work Lists are perfect for Shipyard Work Lists, Guest Preparation Work Lists and “Wish Lists”! The Calendar also features digital Post It notes with email reminders.

In addition, the Luxe App redefines how crew maintain luxury with its built-in knowledge centre, which features reference materials written by world class experts who’ve devoted their lives to their areas of specialty. You can trust their entries to be of the highest quality and unquestionably reliable.

No crew can be expected to possess the knowledge that our renowned team of experts has combined into one easy-to-access SOP System. But with more than 1,200 Reference Cards (and more added constantly), crew can confidently care for carpet, stainless, Perspex, teak, silver, marble, leather, glass, mirrors and more. The Laundry section includes fabric care, stain removal, pressing tips, equipment maintenance and all the SOPs you’d expect from the SOS team. Luxe also includes a growing database of care instructions directly from luxury manufacturers.

And there’s so much more. Application guides from all the leading paint and varnish manufacturers, jet ski regulations, inflatable care, teak repairs, Service Styles & Culture from the G.U.E.S.T. Program, hundreds of top shelf cocktail recipes, barista expertise, wine knowledge, valet (guest care), Collision Regulations, Signal Flags, New Build setup lists, employment process setup documents and handover checklists—there’s far too much to list!

The Luxe AppSOP System leverages our skills and knowledge to mitigate unnecessary damage to luxury fitout and create a comprehensive and highly efficient way to enhance and upgrade the yachting experience of your guests and crew.

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