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Luxe – Capturing the Captain’s Needs


The Bridge section of Luxe serves as a wealth of knowledge for captains and pursers when it comes to operations, administration and guest service. Its resources include ECDIS, Health (from the UK P&I Club), Yacht Masters Guide, MYBA, Radio and navigational reference materials that are particularly handy for aspiring junior crew.


Although all of that is very useful, what captains are really looking for is an easy way to manage their entire vessel—and they’d rather avoid the burden of a system that’s time-consuming to set up. They need something that can help them straight away, without a drawn-out implementation process. This is where Luxe truly shines.


Adding yacht-specific deck and location names is simple and can be achieved in no time at all—perhaps an hour for very large yachts. Adding users and setting permissions (via a series of check boxes) also requires minimal effort. Once this is done, individual crew members can complete their Crew, Bank and Medical Details and upload their Certificates via their own login. The Captain is able to add Employment Forms, Familiarizations and Verify Certificates as required.


Luxe comes prepopulated with standardized Departments and Checklist Categories to enable yachts to get their system up and running quickly, while still being able to customize them to the needs of individual yachts at any time.


With the basic structure in place, it’s time to populate the system. Typically this would be an enormous burden, but our built-in Knowledge Centre makes it a breeze. Simply scroll through the templates and click the SOPs you wish to add to your drafts folder. Luxe will ask which department you’d like to send them to, and you can publish them straight away or edit before publishing. Checklists can be scheduled to repeat on the calendar or can be recalled from within the Navigation menu whenever required.


It’s really that simple to set up daily, weekly and monthly checks as well as SOPs for appliance maintenance, service procedures, watch lists, pre-arrival and pre-departure checks, stowage checks and much more. Crew can easily update these and add images, and the system will evolve, grow and improve over the life of the yacht.


The Captain and HODs can create digital tasks and allocate them to their Worklist of choice directly from the app—a handy way to jot down jobs during a walk-around. Digital Post-it Notes can be added to the Calendar to ensure your department (or all departments) have access to important information. Everyone will know, for example, that you’ll be bunkering at 1pm on Tuesday without you having to say a word!


The captain has instant oversight on every department’s Checklist, Task List and Worklist status. Scheduled Checklists are colour-coded to indicate whether they’re overdue, in progress or not yet due, and non-editable PDF records are created every time a checklist is completed.


The structure also saves HODs a heap of time when it comes to on boarding and training new hires. Consistency of service is greatly increased with the level of detail new crew have at their fingertips. Even minutiae such as the owners’ cabin setup, meal service preferences and throw pillow placement can be well documented, and crew changes can happen without disruption to the owners’ or guests’ experience. The operation runs flawlessly, making the captain’s job easier and providing a better owner experience.


The Knowledge Centre continues to grow and give everyone access to world-class knowledge to enable them to provide 7-star service and maintain their yacht to the highest possible standards.


Next month we’ll dive into Luxe’s Inventory and Crew Details sections.


Originally published in The Islander